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Though there are many causes worth your time and consideration, we are truly grateful that you have decided to visit our site.

While we do not possess the scope to reach and provide for all students, we are trying to reach those that are: motivated with an interest in college, excited about furthering their education, and imaginative in regards to making a larger contribution during their life. We hope that by remaining true to this core group of students we can make a larger impact in their lives and utilize our limited resources most efficiently.

By donating today, you will have made a 100% tax-deductible contribution towards assisting hundreds of college-qualified students who are not earning a degree because they lack the academic support, information, guidance and mentorship needed to enter and persist to college graduation.

  • Every year, there are 1.5 million high school students who will never earn a college degree despite having the necessary academic requirements.
  • In Japan, Korea and Canada, more than 50% of young adults hold college degrees, as compared with only 41% in the United States.
  • The U.S. ranks 15th among 27 countries in percentage of students who complete a college degree.
  • Less than 17% of African American and Latino students will finish high school and graduate from college.
  • Over a lifetime, a college graduate will earn approximately $1 million more than a high school graduate. At today’s college graduation rate of approximately 50%, if half of these 1.5 million students graduate college the result would be $750 billion in greater earnings and $225 billion in increased tax revenue.
  • College graduates are more likely to remain employed, especially in a recession. In August 2009, the unemployment rate today for those with BA degrees was 4.7%, versus 9.7% for high school graduates and 15.6% for high school dropouts.
  • Average student–to–guidance counselor ratio in U.S. public schools: 322 to 1
  • Only 10% of public schools have counselors whose sole responsibility is college advisement.

There are several ways to support our students and organization!

  1. In an effort to secure your privacy and protection, we have partnered with PayPal to process your donation. Please click the “Donate Now” link below and wait momentarily while you are redirected to PayPal.
  2. Or, you may access PayPal’s site directly and make a donation payment to
  3. You may send a check or money order to us via mail:

CollegePATH, Inc.

PO BOX 243333, Boynton Beach, FL 33424-3333

Thank you for your generosity!

God bless!

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